Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free blog promotion methods

Free blog promotion methods and techniques a lot, but the most effective summed up to these ten. If you want to blog for further growth, then the most important thing is you need time to promote it. Unfortunately, in the past, we believe that "if you build it, they will come," but now it seems real estate is not optimistic. Therefore, we need to take the initiative to blog, to seize the initiative, you can see the sun tomorrow. I hope I share these ten free promotion techniques to help you.
1, commenting on other blog
This method is a blog shortly after I discovered my blog was not popular, there is no traffic. One day I was in a blog post, ask for help, then bloggers who visit my blog. Therefore, one of the most simple and effective method of getting traffic is to write access to blog comments. When you write comments when the note with the same nickname, email, and your URL. This will help your search engine optimization, and bloggers also bring you a return flow.
2, regular articles published
Regularly publish articles that can improve your search engine traffic. Every new article is actually a search engine find your blog's entry point. Search engines will regularly publish articles that the site is more standardized, while giving more weight.
3, participate in online forums
Add to your blog topic forums, and actively participate in various activities, will gather a certain popularity. You can also set up a blog in the forum signature information, all visitors will see, so your blog will create awareness.
4, the use of social media
Social media is now flourishing scene presented, considered the most influential Facebook, Twitter. Use of social media will increase your blog exposure. Influential in China include: Sina micro-Bo, all net, happy network, if the adjacent network. There are a lot of support for the Chinese foreign sites also need our attention, in addition to already stated, the following is my opinion, a better social media, for your reference: LinkedIn, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, watercress network.
5, in their own links to other blog articles
Few people in his article, cook the link to others. You can try in your blog post links to other blog, usually a blog you find interesting, or you regularly read, the more classic article. When people refer to their article, your article will also be a link. At least, when these bloggers to see the introduction of links in their blog, have your information, which means that you are exposed to them, this is our goal.
6, e-mail signature
E-mail signature has been born a long time, began to make the company's culture is transmitted. Now, you can use to spread your blog. For a people who frequently used e-mail, you will notice this feature. I have e-mail exchanges and Lusong Song, his message is always signed with his blog information, which is really a good way. When you use QQ mailbox when sending letters, the recipient can see your latest article in the space, I prefer to use this feature QQ mailbox.
7 blog contest held
Blog competition is a good way to attract visitors, owners network Admin5 once held a "Bo Prozac," the contests and activities, at a lower cost to get maximum benefits. Facts have proved that through the competition of such a tool to achieve the purpose of publicity blog, is feasible. You can visit some of the competition website, it will give you the answer,
8, add blog carnival
Get blog carnival is a simple and effective method for external links, but in mainland China, I have not found such a site and activities. The blog carnival, the site is important to the relevance of the title. You may be the front row at all sites to get more traffic.
9, multi-user blog or blog contributors
If you have enough space, enough traffic, you can allow some visitors to your blog up a separate blog, a secondary domain name assigned to them. In this way, they always do for you generalize. If you do not meet the hardware, you can open online submission feature that allows the community to help you update, and they would often visit his article, this is a great way to get traffic.
10, have more than one site will link them together
Now a lot of blog operators, it is important to almost free, you can register multiple sites, blog, and then connected in series. For example: I signed up for Sina blog, personal space Baidu, Sohu blog, blog, bus, etc., when I published the article, I'll blog articles reprinted in these BSP blog. This can also be called a "blog group built the" Promotion Act.

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