Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hardiness of personality – Resilience in research careers

What is the force that motivates people to excel and do their best while experiencing extreme stress, while others of us are beginning to enter the same conditions? This issue was addressed in what was a brilliant piece of research conducted at the University of Illinois, which led to the “force of personality.”

What is a “personality hardy “and what it has to do with a job search? Well, are unemployed, underemployed, unemployed, or even the operators are essentially empty stressful, and it sends shock waves of concern in our psyche and release of uncertainty cascades through our system

A Job quarantine crisis. May, or research re-stressful career, and it requires intense self-evaluation, a turning point in our personal definition, formulation of new goals in life and a new definition of personal success, among many others tasks which all point to significant personal changes. This can be scary! It takes a hardy personality to deal with the intensity needed to succeed.

Research has shown that resilient people demonstrate a strong sense of commitment, control and challenge, thereby improving to react to stressful events rather than transformational leadership clearly regressive. Hardy people have an optimistic assessment of cognitive what is happening in their lives, while the non-hardy individuals show the pessimistic assessments. Tough people see stressful events that finally makes sense for them, they think they will be better after the events, while non-hardy individuals see stressful events as disturbance of stress and feel powerless to change them. Hardy individuals to take decisive action, while non-hardy individuals can not

hardy individuals engage wholeheartedly in what they do, people tired “stay back” of participation;. Tough people think and act like they can influence events around them, people think tired forces beyond their control, people believe that change hardy not only natural but ultimately beneficial, people tired of the fear change because they see disturbing security

Perhaps the most important. Hardy people use transformation adaptation responses such as creativity, resourcefulness, commitment and good health practices, while non-hardy individuals use regressive coping responses such as avoidance, rigidity, withdrawal self and bad health practices. Hardy personalities have their job search as an adventure refreshing, while non-hardy see job search as a tortuous trial. The differences are real and have incalculable consequences for the quality and outcomes research career. A career coach can help job seekers move to the hardiness and far from tiring of the stressors that surround them.

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