Monday, October 11, 2010

360 Jinshan Tencent Privacy war to follow suit and upgrade the privacy protection push

QQ product team then immediately issued a "solemn declaration", said the introduction of privacy protection 360 The aim of slandering Tencent QQ.
360: privacy protection upgrade again
360 companies, said at the press conference yesterday, so far, 80 million users to download 360 privacy protection. Currently the company has again upgraded 360 privacy protection.
New version of the 360 privacy protection in the monitoring of Tencent QQ, TM, etc. 4 chat software based on new documents focus on user privacy protection, privacy protection default directory includes the "My Documents", MSN chat data Tencent QQ user data files and other sensitive locations.
For QQ, 360 president, said Qi Xiangdong, healthy behaviors software should not have crossed the line chatting tools the public can call the operating system, system resources, but not without the knowledge of the user access to personal information. "The QQ scanned documents and account security, and not directly related to specific target Tencent and the privacy of users of competitive products and information."
About 360 users access to private information is also questioned, said Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, 360 as a security software to scan your hard drive, this has to inform consumers, but the 360 certainly will not upload user privacy, it will not do cross-border behavior.
QQ: 360 deliberately slander
QQ product team then made the night "about a company slandered Tencent QQ 'spy on user privacy' of the solemn statement," This is the second Tencent media before the National Day privacy protection on 360 low-key statement issued after the report, the first positive response to 360 challenges. The statement took the unprecedented harsh wording.
360 released a statement saying the goal of privacy protection slander Tencent QQ. "Tencent attaches great importance to user privacy protection, and must not spy on privacy. QQ stigmatized the main security check module. Check the executable file is the industry's anti-virus software for all common techniques, not involving user privacy." The statement said, carried out The purpose of this inspection is to protect the user's QQ account. The 360 looks deliberately distorted or misleading QQ normal operation and safety checks are like in the "peep user privacy."
"We must point out that claim as a 'professional security software vendors' business, but this is very common distortion principles and methods of security checks, unless it is deliberately slander, or their expertise is questionable. This fool the user's behavior seriously damaged the reputation of QQ, we will take legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. "QQ statement made above that.
Jinshan follow the trend of pushing the "Privacy Protector"
360 launched late last month, the privacy protection, and lead to positive conflict with Tencent. Privacy protection under the 360 monitoring display, Tencent QQ will start automatically access the user files in the background, many of them involving personal privacy. Before that Tencent has responded that the move was "QQ account security to protect users."
In this "Privacy PK" escalating at the same time, yesterday morning, the domestic anti-virus software vendor Kingsoft veteran also launched its own "privacy protection", and accused the 360 confused with the concept of privacy, privacy of Jinshan will be the definition of privacy protection to users . Jinshan said Jinshan file protection privacy protection to the core, user-defined privacy documents, as long as the act of invasion of privacy will be prompted for the file. "And 360 privacy protection only for QQ, MSN and other software, QQ, MSN calls the data all the acts characterized as suspicious, in itself confuses the concept of privacy peeping."

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