Wednesday, October 13, 2010

EdHardy Caps

Ed Hardy Caps are available at .We offer free shipping on all Ed Hardy Clothing and accessories, including all Ed Hardy items such as Christian Audigier,Ed Hardy Shirts.
Ed Hardy caps are truly trucker Ed Hardy Tattoos with the fabric front and plastic mesh backs. The difference is that the designs are based on the tattoo designs,prints,Swimwear and drawings and paintings of San Francisco based tattooist Don Ed Hardy and carry the official logo. All the designs have been inspired by the innovative flash associated with Don Ed Hardy and his work over the past 30 years.
What do you get when you put the “King of Jeans” together with the “Godfather of Tattoo? You get Ed Hardy caps, Ed Hardy Designs and fragrance lines to name just a few items. Ed Hardy has boomed in the past few years and has everything from ed hardy t-shirts to shoes to Ed Hardy Shoes. Of the Ed Hardy line, the biggest item to break into an everyday trend is the Ed Hardy trucker caps. The exclusive designs and the conglomeration between Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy has made Ed Hardy a household name. However, the name does not do the Ed Hardy caps just service.

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