Friday, October 15, 2010

Jordan: 'I could have scored 100 points' in today's NBA

It is unfair to, twice, mention that the Warriors were fouling the Knicks to get the ball back, and fail to mention that Warriors only resorted to this tactic, down the stretch, after the Knicks began fouling anyone but Wilt in order to keep him from reaching 100. Why waste keystrokes tring to Pooh-Pooh one of the most mind blowing acomplishments in the history of the NBA. It was ONE HUNDRED POINTS! Duh!

No doubt about it. This version NBA could not stop this man without a hard foul. Guys would be getting tossed left right and centre if they played Jordan the way he was played in the past. He would eat this league alive. He is the best player I have ever seen. Human Hi-light reel in the flesh with defensive skills baby. MJ is the greatest bar none. (Oscar, Magic and Bird can get a shout out).

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